Our Artists


Catie Daniel Artist
Catie Daniel is our professional clay artist.  She is a native of the Mississippi Gulf Coast - the home to other great artists like Walter Anderson and the Mad Potter of Biloxi, George Ohr.  Her passion is creating and revealing beauty.  We have seen Catie summon all of her focus and energy into to each piece that she creates and we know when we're holding one of her mugs full of our fresh coffee, we aren't holding a cup - we are holding a piece of art that happens to hold our coffee.  You can find her incredible work here.


Solange Ledwith
Solange Ledwith is our skilled glass artist.  She began working with glass 18 years ago at Chico State University where she recevied her Bachelor of Arts degree.  She lived in Los Angeles and earned her masters from California State University, where she studied under some of the finest artists and glass makers.  Her artwork is precise and playful - "My hope is to share that delight for life and art with my community."  That is exactly why we are SO happy that Solange has decided to join us in using some of her professional creativity to make beautiful pour-overs for us!  Click here to see her glass pour overs!


Joseph Victor, Our Wood Artist


Tucked deep in New Mexico’s Mimbres Valley is our favorite wood artist, Joseph Victor.  He discovered his love for just-carved wood as he built guitars for the Santa Cruz Guitar company 30 years ago.  Now he and his team of artisans work diligently to craft the finest mugs from some of the rarest woods in the world!  Check out his functional artwork here!