About Us

Our story begins one sunny morning in the suburbs of Phoenix, when a gorgeous woman dressed in vintage clothing stepped confidently out of her car and walked toward a coffee shop where a specimen of a man with a deep bass voice stood ordering a black cup of coffee.  One could tell that his shoulders were round and muscular even beneath his fitted suit.  His well-groomed beard did little in the way of concealing his perfectly white teeth.  

The woman - her name is Sandy.

The man - he left with his coffee.

But there was another man - fewer muscles and even more pretentious - with unkempt hair sipping his chai and sitting with his legs crossed, testing the strength of the seams on his unflattering skinny jeans. 

That man is Bryan.

Bryan and Sandy spent the day together in deep conversation about old movies and discussing a mutual love of fresh coffee.  Neither one of them could imagine that two years later they would end up 2,300 miles away, MARRIED, and sharing their own coffee with friends and family.  


That is the abbreviated version of our story - if you'd like to know more we would need a couple of hours and a large cup o' joe.

As we develop our roasts and our coffee begins to ship all over the country, one of our hopes is that Kolbitar becomes an outlet to share the talent of some of our favorite clay and glass artisans with the whole world.  So please enjoy a freshly roasted bag of our coffee and at your leisure -  enjoy checking out the hand-made functional art on our artist's pages.